Broken Arrow LLC

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Courses / Services  

  • Cybersecurity  Foundation Course + Certifications

  • ​Executive Pistol Operator Course (3 days)
  • ​Executive Evasive Driving Course (2 days)
  • Conceal Carry Course
  • Situational Awareness For Protection and Escape Course (SAFEC)​
  • Basic Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Course
  • Abroad Company Pre-Mission Training (PMT) in Puerto Rico
  • X-treme Cultural Awareness and Language Immersion Course
  • ​Urban Combat Course
  • Advance Technology (Drunes, Opctics and ect.) 

Global Threat 

A new kind of war is being waged in various parts of the U.S. and everywhere else around the world today. Some of the main treats are those who have come to be designated as Transnational Criminal Organizations, street gangs, Mafias, Terrorists, ect. They have formed loose alliances with one another.  They are  utilizing corrupt leaders of unstable, economically fragile, or failing areas, insinuate themselves into troubled banks and businesses, and cooperate with insurgent political movements to control substantial geographic areas.