Broken Arrow LLC is dedicated to provide unique personal security training programs to include improvised weapons for our clients in order to prepare them to identify, react, and neutralize any potential hostile situation.

Our number one course is Executive Protection, Quick and First Strike Course (3 days): A physically intensive course designed to prepare the client, no matter his/her previous ability, for sudden, vicious attacks occurring at close range by one or more assailants. The client will learn how to deliver debilitating strikes to their aggressors by using body weight techniques, dominating postures in a confrontation, creating pain with minimal effort, and making space to exploit a successful escape. They will be shown how to rapidly close on their assailant(s) when necessary, deliver damaging blows, build a secondary gap, and close again with powerful strikes until their opponent is incapacitated. Although the techniques are damaging, they do adhere to the use of force continuum. The client always has a choice how much damage to deliver and when to stop.


Broken Arrow LLC is a privately owned Special Operations defense firm providing our clients progressive defense and security solutions, as well as integrated state-of-the art technology services. Our professional consultants are former U.S. Special Forces personnel, and Law Enforcement Officers formally assigned to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Units, bringing with them over 100 years of combined professional and combat experience. Our defense firm is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in Fayetteville North Carolina, which provides Training and Support for Intelligence Operations, Acquisition Support and Information Technology (IT) services to multiple government agencies. Broken Arrow’s primary objective is to train our clients the essential skills needed to survive in austere and unpredictable environments. Our training programs are reality-based and focus on the skill sets and tactics necessary to survive deadly force encounters, and negotiate compromising scenarios in urban and rural settings.

Broken Arrow LLC